You may want to do something about your smile and feel that your teeth need to be straightened. You may be very self-conscious about this situation, but you're not sure if you want to go through the challenge of wearing traditional braces. You may feel that they are a bit obtrusive in and of themselves, and this may be putting you off scheduling a visit to the orthodontist. However, many adults today in your situation are trying a viable alternative instead. Could you benefit from using clear aligners in your particular case?

How Do They Work?

This option was developed to give people an alternative to traditional braces, and they are tailor-made for the individual. They are essentially clear plastic trays which are removable, but placed on top of the teeth each day. It is advisable to wear them for as long as you can and if possible, around the clock. After a couple of weeks with your first set, another one will be designed based on the improvement that you are seeing.

This will be part of a longer-term plan developed by your orthodontist. These trays are designed by a technician using computer-generated imagery, and it's likely that you will need several sets as your teeth begin to realign and straighten gradually. In some situations, you could be wearing these aligners for a year or more.

What Will They Look like?

You needn't worry too much about your appearance, as the aligners are quite difficult to see in everyday conversation. Nevertheless, if you really want to, you can remove them for an especially important occasion.

Are These Really Effective?

You may wonder whether this is as effective as those traditional braces, but rest assured that these aligners are very carefully designed at the outset. The orthodontist will want to ensure that you're able to function and bite properly at all stages of the procedure. The objective is to guarantee that the teeth do not shift too far so that no damage occurs to the gum and bone structure when you bite down.

Before commencing, the orthodontist will have a look at your dental records and take very precise measurements. These will form the basis of your action plan.

Should You Try A Hybrid Approach?

Sometimes, the dentist will recommend a hybrid approach. Perhaps you will be advised to wear the traditional braces initially to bring teeth that are particularly out of line into a more manageable position. After that, you could then swap over to the clear aligners for the rest of the treatment.

Your dental specialist is the best person to talk to in order to come up with a tailor-made plan in your case.